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What is emotipot?


Here is the only mini-plant in the world: emotipot


emotipots are wonderful bonsai baby cactuses and other tiny plants that you can take care of.

When you take care of the emotipot, you can stick it anywhere by using the sticky pad packaged inside. And it can travel all over the world with you, since it can be checked into carry-on luggage.


All of these baby cactuses and succulents need to water so you should water them once or twice a month regularly. After watering, they grow up slowly, so ultimately you can replant them later to a bigger pot.


emotipot makes a great present for your friends and family.

Why don't you select one of the warm hearted messages we offer to put on your unique mini pot as a thoughtful gift?


What is a sticky pad?


The sticky pad packaged inside is a semi-permanent sticker. You can stick easily anywhere you want also, when if it gets dirty, you should spray water on it and dry it please.


How to care of emotipot?


Please water it 10 minutes once a month and sunshine would be better after watering it. Sometimes they need to sun but not every day.


1. Take the emotipot off from the sticky pad at first. And then pour the water in a plate.


2. Soak the emotipot into the water over 10~20 minutes. Through the hole in the bottom, it absorbs the water. Once or twice a month is enough.


3. After finishing watering, let it sit under the warm sunshine about 1~3 hours for dry moss. but they don’t need to sun every day. Proper sunshine is required for the growth.


How and when do I replant the emotipot?


Things You Will Need



Tweezers / a pincette

Commercial cactus soil

Make your own dirt mixture - sand /potting soil /crushed rock etc.


Replanting period could be different so it might be taken from 6 months to 2 years average. If your plant is too much full enough in the mini-pot which means, it’s time to move on to a bigger pot.


At first, please soak the plant in water 10~20 minutes if so, the roots turn out to be very smooth.


With a pincette, gently pull the plant out of its pot and replant at the same depth as before in the new container.


You would rather use commercial cactus soil for good drainage.


Wholesale Policy


Wholesale customers should order over 100 units. The wholesale package is composed of 100 units of the one box. So please order them by 100 units for wholesale.

(e.g. 100 units, 200 units, 300 units etc.) 


The terms of payment


After checking the payment, Packing will be taken 1~2 business working days also, your tracking information will be updated from my Customer Service Team later.   

Payment methods


Paying with PayPal account :

Shipping & Delivery


International shipping


We will ship them out by EMS. 

After shipping them out, it will take up 2~5 business days to get there. EMS is the safest and fastest way to send my cactuses and we have no problems until so far to get other counties by EMS when we send my packages.


About Customs, Duties & Taxes


FYI, we ship from Korea. 
Items or products are subjected to import duties, taxes, and/or customs fees which might be imposed by your local government when you receive your package.

You are responsible for paying any additional charges for customs clearance.


Rates vary by country so we are not able to supply an estimated cost and it is out of our control.

I hope you can understand that.


However, my international wholesale customers have no problems at all until so far regarding tax fee and our items will divide into accessory so please don’t worry about these tax issues.   


Customer Service


If you need any helps, contact us

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